A rhythmic body massage is inspired by traditional Australian Aboriginal techniques that tones, re-aligns energy flows, enhancing mind and body balance.

With a combination of pressure points and spiralling movements, this ancient technique will relax and energise your body, giving a total all round sense of well-being. An excellent maintenance therapy against the stresses of modern living, enables the body to start healing itself, relieving physical and emotional tension. A choice of native aromatic oils is offered to address individual client needs - to rejuvenate, re-harmonise or detoxify. The treatment uses a unique 'smoking' ritual of O'yarrarng and Lemon Myrtle blend that helps to clear the negative energy and prepares you for the experience of the Li'Tya Kodo massage.

Good for:

Rejuvenation| Tension Release |
Energy Flow | Skin & Aroma
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